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Each ‘half’ of a pair of Parveen Scissors is hardened and tempered in hand-operated furnaces, and quenched in oil. The blade will attain a hardness akin to a car suspension spring, whilst the handles or ‘bows’ are left slightly more malleable for adjustment in final assembly.
Each individual Parveen Scissors blade is then hand-ground on a traditional grinding wheel. These wheels have been used in blade production since steel was invented, the only difference being a slightly more modern power source than the water-driven wheels of yesteryear.
Once the two halves are ground and polished, they are assembled by the highly skilled artisans.


Functional art ment to be displayed yet strong enougth for professional use.


9'' tailer scissor at 40$, 6'' tailor scissor at 30$, 7'' barber scissor at 16$, 5'' barber scissor at 12$.

Parveen 6" Tailor Scissor

  • Carbon Steel


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